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raid array data recovery

We understand the time critical nature of central server and nas box failures. Countless times we have worked through 24 hours and weekends to return the data quickly, and some times for the next morning so that the organisation can continue to work on their files, documents databases and spreadsheets. Raid Array Rebuilds, Nas Recoveries, VMWare, Virtual Disks, Raid5, Raid6, iSCSI LUNs, email or give us a call now

Recovery Blog...

Here we record our latest thoughts and progress ...

Terastation (rack mounted) EM mode

Phone rang on Friday night from a distraught IT guy in Netherlands. That night he took the ferry across to UK and landed at our offices Saturday with the hard drives from his Terastation which would only show EM mode.
It stored several VMWare Virtual Disks and would not bootup. After cloning the drives to preserve the data we then re-constructed the raid and recovered VMDK files from the VM Filesystem (VMFS) to a new drive. He was back in Netherlands on Tuesday to the relief of his customer.

Compaq Raid5 Motherboard Failure

The Compaq Proliant 3000 Server held 36GB scsi SCA 80 pin drives and was thought to be configured as 5 drives including 1 hot spare / offline. The Motherboard had failed on the Server. The Smart-2DH Array SCSI RAID controller was not much use without the working motherboard so the lot arrived for data recovery. 2 days later we had worked out the Raid configuration and recovered the data, which was shipped back to Ireland to a relieved customer.

Netgear SC101A mirrored disks raid

The SC101 "toaster" contained 2x 300GB Seagate hard disk drives in mirrored raid (apparently) - turned out the mirror had not been doing its job and had fallen out of sync. Disks cloned relatively well - a few hard errors but fortunately not in too critical an area on the disk. So scanned the disks and recovered customers photos and files.

Recent Recovery News...

Raid Data Recovery Facility

Raid Data Recovery Facility

Data Recovery, Apex Technology are pleased to include RAID6 Data Recovery facility. We recover data from all types of RAID systems & RAID Servers. We can rebuild RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5, RAID-6, RAID-10, RAID-50.We can Re-construct all types of SCSI RAID, SATA RAID, and IDE ATA RAID Hard Drives, especially from Dell, Sagitta, Netgear, Buffalo and many others..

Evesham Silverstor raid recovery

Evesham Silverstor raid recovery

Evesham Silverstore Data Recovery, Typical problems with the Silverstor are that it looses its share folders after a power cut. The are basically re-badged Thecus NAS drives. Often the customer has tried to rebuild the raid in order to access the data but this can be dangerous as the configurations may have been wiped during power outage, so it rebuilds on default values. When we recover the Raid5 we firstly clone all the drives to preserve the data, and then re-construct the files and folders. We do not place any drives in another Evesham or Thecus as the results can be unpredictable, so we use an independent read only system for data recovery..

Easystore Shared Folder Access Recovery

Easystore Shared Folder Access Recovery

Acer Altos Easystore Recovery, Sometimes we feel the Easystore should be renamed the EasyLost. Unfortunately the marketing people make it too easy to invent a closely derived descriptive name for when an item fails. When the Easystore fails it tends to disappear from the network meaning you can no longer access the Home or Shared Folders. This often occurs after power outage / supply failure or sometimes no apparent reason. The Disk Change notification may display or show raid failure. Best thing to do is simply turn off the device and contact us. The less that happens to the device the better chances of file data recovery..

Raid and Network Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Services

raid array repair data recovery Apex Technology is highly experienced for RAID Data Recovery for a wide range of systems. These range from the older SCSI hard disk drive servers found in many Schools or Colleges to restoring modern iSCSI and Virtual Machines and Virtual Disks in modern data centres and online backup companies.

Typical Systems we have worked on...

Inaccessible data and share folders from all types of RAID systems, whether there is a logical or physical problem with RAID. We have successfully recovered data from Raid servers ...

  • Virtual Disks VMDK files recovery
  • Virtual Machine file systems vmfs recovery
  • iSCSI raid systems often used in Terastations Intel Lacie etc
  • Readynas by Infrant and Netgear with their infamous X-RAID system
  • StorCenter Data Recovery
  • Easystore Data Recovery
  • Intel SS4000E SS4200E drives
  • Netgear SC101 Recovery - oh yes the toaster of the network drive world
  • Thecus Data Recovery
  • Evesham Silverstor
  • Lacie Ethernet Disk Recovery
  • Linkstation Data Recovery
  • Buffalo Terastation Data Recovery
  • SCSI Raid Data Recovery
  • NAS Data Recovery
  • Linux Raid Data Recovery

We recover systems with a variety of operating system, e.g. Windows, Macintosh, Novell, Linux and Sun Solaris.

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Recent Customers...

Evesham Silverstor XS (Thecus4100) NAS 1.6TB 4x800GB SATA hdd recovery - RAID Failed

Evesham Silverstor XS (Thecus4100) NAS 1.6TB 4x800GB SATA hdd recovery - RAID Failed

Pathhead School, Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland, 2015-11-24
We will have no hesitation in using or recommending your service in the future. I will be delighted if the data is can dispatched today.
THE RECOVERY ... The Evesham Silverstor XS 4x WD 800GB hard drives hdd had lost it's share folders after power system failure. The customer had attempted a raid rebuild which failed after about 10%. When Apex recover the data we do not attempt Raid rebuild - we first clone the drives to preserve the data then recover files in a read-only environment outside of the Evesham unit..

Terastation E21 network failure data recovery

Terastation E21 network failure data recovery

Bell Projects Limited, Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire UK, 2015-11-02
Marvellous, thank you for all your have done. The client was very impressed with the speed and level of service - we will certainly be using you again!
THE RECOVERY ... The Buffalo Terastation TS-0.6TGL/R5 0.6GB RAID5 had suffered the error E21 chip failure Network Controller. This meant no shared folder or data access as the system would not boot up. .